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Amy Knez

My name is Amy. I was born and raised in the US. I have been living in Florida for the past 5 years. As for my work experience , I started working as an English teacher 5 years ago. I worked with students of all ages, starting from children aged 12 , to teenagers and adults. I worked with them offline and online. Speaking of online teaching , I mostly worked with students from Asian countries , including Japan and South Korea.

Billie Ratkovic

My name is Billie and I come from Florida, US. I graduated from school of Professional Business Studies. I have been teaching English online for the past 6 years. I taught students of different age, both children and adults. In my work with them I use different props and TPR techniques. I am also able to balance between the right amount of teaching and having fun in order to make the class engaging for the student. I taught general as well as business English.

kate Radic

My name is Kate and I come from the USA. I am a teacher at Learn English Academy. I have a Master Degree in English Language and Literature. Over the last ten years, I have been teaching English to students of almost all age – children, teenagers, business people, etc. Hence, I have gained a lot of experience in teaching on-line English. Also, I have been preparing students for different kinds of exams – TOEFL, IELTS, etc.

Ivana Ilic

My name is teacher Ivana and I’m coming from the United States. I’m working as an online English teacher since 2 years ago. I have always led, motivated and challenged students at all levels in order to achieve success. My primary goal has always been to help my students improve their English skills and gain self confidence so that they can freely express their thoughts and attitudes in English. I hope to see you in my classes and I hope to share wonderful experience of learning English online with you.

Natalija Ugljvarevic

I’m Student of Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management and an Online English Teacher for more than a year. I have a great experience and a huge will to transfer my knowledge to the students. Completely dedicated to the job and very passionate about it.

I enjoy in teaching very much and also in learning about different cultures and traditions. I am very fond of getting to know my students better and I am trying to make a special bond with every student.

Disha Haawly

My name is Disha Haawly , I have interests in helping others to succeed, learning more about language and learning more about the different cultures from around the world. Moreover, my experience has been about working with people from diverse cultures as I have taught ESL, TESOL and TOEFL in Thailand, France, UK, China and Taiwan, along with tutoring adult ESL learners .

Sami Shbak

My name is Sami Shbak and was born and currently live in the states, Chicago, Illinois. I am currently an English instructor for different institutions and centers in the city. I also give online classes to students/participants whom are located and living in the gulf region such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE. I have graduated with a BA in English and from an American School with English as the teaching material. I have taken many classes in English in school and in college and am familiar with all grammar, literature and reading topics.


My name is Marina. I was born and raised in the US.
I got into online teaching about 6 years ago. I have worked with students of different levels and ages. My youngest student so far was 8 years old, and the oldest 77.  Imagine that! Communicating with people of different age is important. This is how I grow both as a person and a teacher.
I spent few years teaching Asian students, mostly from Japan and China. That experience gave me a one-of-a-kind insight into the way of life and thinking in that part of the world.

Kathy Zieen

I’m Kathy Zieen, an ESL English Teacher, who was born in Lebanon and have been living in Florida State for the past few years. My passion for teaching young and adult learners begins first and formost with a concern for the student’s goals and expectations in learning English . My teaching should be structured to meet those ends. I believe that as an ESL teacher it’s my role to analyse learner’s needs and develop their linguistic and communicative competence, to meet both their present and future needs, and to equip them to participate fully in a world of changing knowledge.


My name is Nikola, but you can call me Nick. I’m an English student currently finishing his BA degree in English and a part time Online tutor. I’ve been teaching students for ESL and EFL companies for over 2 years now. I’ve taught students of all levels and ages, from complete beginners to near native speakers. I’ve prepared them for tests, exams, certificates and even business correspondents. I have also worked as an online translator helping with business contracts and legal documents. Through my many years of education and hands-on experience of teaching English I’ve learned how to efficiently teach students from diverse social backgrounds. I am TEFL certified, and my personal teaching philosophy is to make learning as painless and relatable as possible. If you are willing to do the work I am more than willing to help you reach your true potential in the English language. I look forward to seeing you in class. Have a splendid day.

Ogy Vukanovic

My name is Ogy and I am born and raised in Delaware, US. My work experience encompasses business consultancy and finance advisory assignments mostly for major international organizations. Currently, I am finalizing my master studies with majors in financial reporting and audit. Apart from that, I’ve been working as an online English teacher for 8 years already. My students were coming from various parts of the globe, however, a vast majority of them are from east Asia i.e. Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand. I’ve been teaching English to kids, teenagers, university graduates, businessman and businesswomen as well as elders. Lesson style spans from a free conversation, reading and discussing news articles, studying some tailor based text materials on various topics. I also prepared students for designated exams such as IELTS or TOEFL. Due to my rich job experience I would like to highlight my high business English proficiency. I am an outgoing and jolly person with the true passion for teaching. So, don’t hesitate and, please, book my class and let’s jointly seek appropriate ways to improve your English skills.


My name is Valeri, but you can call me Val. I am a Bachelor of Tourism and management and an online teacher for one and a half-year.

I had the honor to teach people of different ages and levels, from basic to advance, and no matter of their age, my dedication is the same, and our classes are always fun, well-organized and detailed. I love this job because I generally like helping people, especially when it comes to their education, and I like the fact that we can learn and grow together. In my classes, I really try to make my students feel comfortable, but also intrigued. I am a very communicative person, willingly and easily interact with other people and that helps me make a bond with my students. Since I am extremely passionate about this job, my goal is to help you learn English in an easy, fun and effective way, whether you need to work on your comprehension, grammar, pronunciation or vocabulary.
This is a very interesting way for you to learn English and I’m really looking forward being a part in your process.


Hello! My name is Peter and I’m an English teacher from the state of Oregon, USA.  Since 2015, I have tutored students from different countries, both adults and children. I like to adapt the content that I teach to my students’ preferences while keeping them actively involved throughout the lesson and making sure that my students are supported and encouraged on their road to reach their personal goals.

I have taught General, Business and particularly Medical English.

Learning about foreign countries has always been in the midst of my interests and I am really grateful for the opportunity to work with students from all over the world.

English is one of the most widely used languages on our planet and I’ll give my best to help you travel on this exciting journey of learning which will open up a world of opportunities to you!


My name is Smeelyana, but you can call me Smilya. I was born and raised in New York, United States.
I’m a student of Media and Journalism.
My work experience is various- I have been teaching English to foreigners for 6 years; apart from that, I am working as a babysitter. Before signing up for a college, I was working as an interviewer for marketing companies.  I am also a volunteer at a local theatre.

In my opinion, the lesson style should be oriented towards students- which means there is not one style in particular that I prefer. Some students need to work on their speaking, while for the others reading or writing might be a problem. My goal is to motivate students to talk and think in English, as much as possible. I have been teaching Business courses, as well as Every-day-language courses. In 2017, a group of my students successfully passed the TOEFL exam with the score of 87% and above.
I speak two foreign languages- Russian and Spanish, so I understand how it may be difficult to study at times.
I own CELTA certificate (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), which is recognized worldwide.

Enas Qub

My name is enas qub , I was born in UAE , lived in Dubai and Florida.

I have master of business administration and bachelors in personal development studies   . I worked in teaching, training and coordinating for more than 7 years in many companies and ministries   using different techniques related to the relevant purpose.

I worked with student’s online teaching English language in many countries such as Dubai, Jordan, Kuwait, and France.

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